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I am a retired nurse, now in my seventies, who has meditated for the past twenty-five years, but only in the past few years have I done written meditations.

These I do simply sitting at my table with paper and pen. I greet my guides in mind, then pay attention to my breathing and move into meditation. I just write down exactly what comes to me. I hear no voices. It can only be telepathic and sometimes I feel I've had a real "heart-to-heart" with my guide.

These guides have been, and still are, Jesus Christ Himself and other ascended masters, and I KNOW that because they introduce themselves, AND because of the overwhelming LOVE that enfolds me as I meditate.

It was nearly ten years ago that I first heard of the "ascension tapes". These were the tape recordings of the series talks given by those who introduced themselves as members of an ascended brotherhood. They spoke through a medium named Eric Klein in California in 1990.

The very first tape of that series seemed to nearly blow the top of my head off! It started "Hello, nice to be with you on this auspicious occasion. I am Jesus, here to introduce you to a great adventure in your lives."

That adventure was to be the coming transformation of our Planet Earth and of all mankind who would CHOOSE to prepare for it.

On those tapes it was made clear that meditation is the route for preparation, as we can all ask for help of any kind from any member of the ascended brotherhood, which is a group also comprising sisters, one of whom is the Mother Mary herself. It is led by the ascended Lord Jesus, whose cosmic name is Sananda - the name He has used in these messages.

Those talks, recorded in 1990, were addressed initially to human beings whom the speakers called "star-seeds" or "light-workers" so, at the first hearing, they didn't truly TALK to me. Luckily, I found them interesting enough to make me decide to live as if they were true, by living by the guidelines suggested, and how I flourished.

Now I meditate more. When I waken, before I sleep, when out walking are all good times for me, and they provide me with so much. They have given me the impetus to go, at different times, to all sorts of talks, courses and lectures which have led me FORWARDS. That was very important to me for when I was widowed the bottom had fallen out of my world for a while - until I realized that there were only two ways to go - either FORWARDS or DOWN.

I had become a reflexology and reiki therapist before hearing the ascension tapes, but found doing treatments like that grew more fulfilling & rewarding, particularly when I could use them in a hospice setting and amongst babies in an AIDS refuge.

Amongst the messages received in these meditations is one that tells that we MUST "love ourselves". That I found very puzzling, for it seemed so contrary to me, but I have found a way that pleases me and is, I hope, God-pleasing too. Being "retired" does have some advantages time-wise, and I've been making good use of that in treating myself to wonderful holidays.

Since being on my own I've been increasingly drawn to climb upwards, in more ways than one, and have visited and climbed to some truly beautiful places. In Greece, up Mount Olympus; in Peru, up the Inca trail to Machu Picchu; in the Tibetan Himalayas, swimming in the glacial lake of Basson Tsu and, in the year 2000, I was able to go to see the Passion Play (produced only every ten years) in the Bavarian Alps. What a privilege!

Each of those holidays was wonderfully refreshing and had its own spiritual highlight for me, yet each reminded me too that I am on a journey just as important every day of my life, walking my own spiritual path, as we ALL are, acknowledged or not. The highpoints I mentioned were, sometimes, simply sudden feelings of quite overwhelming happiness.

In Peru, though, there were two very special occasions. The first involved Rómulo, our Quechua guide on the 5-day hike we took up the Inca trail. We'd been able to ask him about himself for his English, though for him a 3rd language, was more than good enough. He told us he'd grown up in the Andes, Quechua-speaking and with a shamanistic tradition and background. His early schooling had been in that tongue, but later he'd had to leave to attend the Spanish-medium classes of the high school in Qosqo (Cusco) , where he'd been led into Catholicism.

"Wasn't that a problem for you Rómulo?" someone asked him. "Oh no" he replied, "it is all one", and on our first evening in the mountains I saw exactly what he meant.

There were twelve of us in our touring group and six of us had chosen to do the trail, whilst the rest opted for driving through the sacred valley of the Urubamba river to reach Machu Picchu, where we would be reunited. Before parting company we agreed that both groups would meditate at sunset.

That first day's climb was HARD, (especially for this sixty-plusser!) but we finally made campsite, where we were told Rómulo we wanted to meditate at sunset. "Come" he said, "and I will show you our way", and he led us to a patch of grass within the curve of an old Inca wall, overlooking the Urubamba valley and across to the mountains on its far side.

We sat down in a circle and Rómulo took three leaves from a pouch slung from his shoulder. Fanning them out between forefinger and thumb, he lifted them first high above his head and said "We greet our Creator", then turned in the direction of the setting sun saying "We greet the sun as she goes to rest", and then touched them to the ground in front of him and said "We greet Pacha Mama" (Mother Earth).

I was close to tears. That was his Trinity - just as valuable and valid to him as mine is to me. It is all one and, I believe, we are all part of one.

Rómulo then took a pen-knife from his pocket, cut a small triangle from the turf in front of him and said "We must return to Pacha Mama what is hers", putting his three leaves into the Earth, then he pressed the triangle of turf back into place on top of them.

I fell asleep that night utterly exhausted, but also in a state of BLISS!

My second high point in Peru was very different, but also a lovely experience. I went on this holiday at exactly the time when all enfranchised South Africans were to vote in a vital referendum - to say "Yes" or "No" to the proposed constitutional change which would enfranchise ALL of us, and so end apartheid. Fortunately we were able to cast our votes before leaving, though designated polling-day was only several days later. On that polling-day we were still on our trail high in the Andes when, for me, a small miracle happened.

We were quite strung out along the trail when suddenly I noticed, on the ground in front of me, a little black-and-white butterfly lying absolutely still, perhaps dead I thought, and I bent down to move it off the path so that it wouldn't be trodden on by those still behind me who might not notice it, for I couldn't think of it being squashed, even if it was dead.

As I lifted it, it fluttered and climbed onto my finger where it stayed, moving it's wings gently for quite a few moments as I walked on, admiring it. When I moved my hand up to my shoulder it settled down there and traveled along with me for many minutes more before finally flying off, leaving me so at peace.

On looking back, I think that little symphony in black-and-white came to show me how beautifully those two can mingle to make an even more interesting whole, and that the "Yes" vote majority of that day (for so it was) would give us a chance to demonstrate it ourselves.

Another message among this collection is that it is time NOW to truly love and serve one another, and I have found inspiration in this 1244 AD prophecy of the Cathars, an early Christian group, which said that the Church of Love would be proclaimed before the millenium:-

It has no fabric, only understanding. It has no membership, save those who know they belong. It has no rivals because it is non-competitive. It has no ambition and seeks only to serve. It is not only of itself because it seeks to enrich all groups and religions. It knows no boundaries, for boundaries are unloving. There is no walk of life nor nationality that is a boundary: those who are, know. It acknowledges ALL great teachers, of ALL ages who have shown the truth of LOVE. Those who participate, practice the truth of LOVE. It seeks not to teach, but to BE and, by being, to enrich. It recognizes the whole planet as a Being, of which we are a part. It recognizes that the time has come for the supreme transmutation, the ultimate alchemical act of conscious change of the ego into a voluntary return to the whole. It does not proclaim itself with a loud voice, but in the subtle realms of loving. It salutes all those in the past who have blazoned the path, but have paid the price. It admits no hierarchy nor structure, for no one is greater than another. Its members shall know one another by their deeds and being, and by their eyes, and by no other outward sign save the fraternal embrace. They dedicate their lives to the silent loving of their neighbour, the environment and the planet, whilst carrying out their tasks, however exalted or humble. It recognises the supremacy of the great idea which may only be accomplished if the human race practices the supremacy of LOVE. It has no reward to offer either here or in the hereafter, save that of the ineffable joy of being and loving. Each shall seek to advance the cause of understanding, by doing good by stealth and teaching only by example. They shall know no fear and their witness shall prevail over all odds. It has no secret, no arcanum, no initiation save that of true understanding of the power of LOVE, and, if we want it to be so, the world will change, but only if we change ourselves first.


From: "Rising Out of Chaos" by
Publ. Doubleday.

These ascension messages are of importance to us all and especially to those who have not heard them before, but I know we must each have our OWN experiences. Hearsay is just not good enough.

Meditation led me to mine.

These millennial messages, received during written meditations, from one birthday to the next in 2000 to 2001, have been a great gift to me, and they must be shared.


What follows is food for thought. Meditation will help you digest it, it is a VITAL SEASONING.



This is Sananda. I was Jesus in my earthly form. I now send a message of love and hope to all sentient beings on Planet Earth - to all thinking, caring beings of every religious persuasion - or of NONE.

Your Creator made you in His image and loves you, and is now starting to bring you and your planet back closer to Him. This is done by the raising - the ascension - of your planet, and ALL of you who wish to come, from your present 3rd dimension reality to the 5th dimension.

It was to this 5th dimension that I returned on my own ascension after my earthly incarnation of Jesus, and to which our beloved planet Earth - a living entity in her own right, as many of you are at last realizing - will be ascended after her cleansing.

All of mankind who so CHOOSE can start to prepare to ascend too, by making a conscious choice to live from a basis of love rather than fear, and by practicing meditation, for this provides you with individual guidance.

When you pray you ASK.
When you meditate you RECEIVE.


This is Arctur.

We will start with little "bytes". Perhaps you can think of them as "space capsules" - easy to swallow and digest.

Humans often ask "What is the purpose of life? What's it all about?"

The basic answer is "To grow spiritually".


This is Christopher and this is today's morsel from space, in its tiny capsule:-

LIVING your life well is more valuable to you, AND TO OTHERS, than talking of it, no matter how eloquently.


This is Arctur.

Spiritual growth comes not in times of ease and pleasure, but often through depression, even despair, or through fear, doubt, criticism, rejection.

A life that lacks emotional upheavals is useless to you, and will be of little help to others. Accept each emotion as it arises, learning what you can from it, then set it free giving thanks for its lesson as it goes.


This is Sananda.

I am here to tell you that the ascension of human beings will be similar to my own ascension after my earthly incarnation as Jesus. You will not leave your bodies behind. You will be transformed, as I was, and this process has already started.

There will be some who find it impossible to change - to prepare to ascend. They may experience death once more and for them there will be options too, for the soul itself has free-will.

They may then choose one more re-birth, in order to bring back their love to Earth prior to the final evacuation, as promised, of all innocents and children, ahead of Earth's final cleansing before her own ascension. Such souls will thus attain ascension, and all the joy that entails.

Others, who may be unable to accept either ascension or conscious evacuation, will be conducted to other 3rd dimensional realities, in other planetary spheres, where they will have the opportunity to re-populate as physical entities, and to continue to work out their understanding and awareness. We hope they will have more success without the involvement of negative hierarchies, affecting their consciousness as has been happening on Earth.

The only beings on Earth who need to fear these messages are those under the influence of the dark forces. They can recognise themselves by their fear, which will also show itself in anger BUT your Heavenly Father loves them too, and all who choose to change will be helped by us to do so. You must, though, ASK for our help, for we cannot override your free-will, and we will not. So again we say ASK and MEDITATE. We long to help.

Only those who WILL NOT give up their darkness will be UNLIKE the rest of mankind, for they face extinction. Their souls as well as their bodies will die, to be transformed into the basic building-blocks of life and, eventually, used to form a new creation.


This is Arctur.

The announcement just made¹ to the beings who are living in your area of Planet Earth, that enormous numbers of you are now affected by the viral plague, need not cause panic among you.

It is just more important then ever for all people of goodwill to base every action and direct every thought in LOVE rather than fear.


¹ S. Africa
19 November 2000

This is Sananda.

We are observing much distress and fear amongst you and we wish to remind you that these are artificial conditions encouraged by the fallen hierarchy, in order to subjugate as many as possible.

All of you who choose, deliberately, to live your life in light and love CANNOT be harmed. You have only to flash a thought or breathe a prayer to me - many of you will know of Me as Jesus - or to any of the ascended masters, and you ARE invincibly protected.


This is Arctur.

Every being on Earth needs to make the choice, CONSTANTLY, between love and fear. Fear is being deliberately fuelled by negative entities on Earth, trying to control the mass of humanity, but every single thinking human being is free to CHOOSE love instead of fear to be the ruling principle of his or her life.

When Earth was first peopled it was the Creator's wish that those He had made in His own image would live in peace and harmony, and in abundance supplied by the beautiful planet herself. This, as you know, did not occur because, although each human being has free will, all too few exert it in best possible ways. Mankind has been brain-washed and influenced too thoroughly and for long by the fallen hierarchy. This has happened from the earliest of times and it still so.

Now, though, the worship of Mammon (not its use, but its worship) has become so widespread that many of you are in danger of becoming no more than puppets being dangled and manipulated by corrupt financiers and governance.

The cure is for each individual to remember his or her own spark of divinity within and LIVE UP TO IT.

Meditate and live as Jesus taught when he was among you. BE loving. Always bear in mind though that you must first love yourself.


This is Germain.

Loving yourself has NOTHING to do with being selfish nor bolstering your ego. Loving yourself means being gentle with yourself. It means you can dispense with endless self-criticisms. It means you accept yourself as you are now, just as we accept and love you all as you are NOW.

In order to receive all the loving emanations that we, in 5th dimension, are showering in your direction you need to practice self-love, for it is through your self-acceptance you become receptive to OUR love, then you will feel the difference in your lives.

You will attract to yourselves things you have longed for and you will experience in your situations more joy, more beauty, more grace.

Those who love themselves help and heal themselves. Always remember that the more you give yourself, the more you receive from US and the more you then have to give to others.


This is Christopher.

You will tire, at times, in your journey along the way, but do not falter. We are there beside you to support you. There will be little rewards as you go forwards, in the form of those sudden surges of energy that seem to come from nowhere but are, actually, from us - your spirit guides!

"I'm on top of the world" you may say.

How right you are!


This is Christopher. It is now approaching the season - in your time-frame on Earth - which many name in honour of the earthly incarnation of the One, whom we call Sananda, who leads our ascended brotherhood. It is a fellowship that includes our sisters, led by Mother Mary.

There is nothing but love circulating in these higher dimensions where, it is our hope, so many of you will join us on Earth's ascension, so it will be good to prepare yourselves by giving and receiving love NOW.

We are just waiting to be called on. The attention of all of us is focused upon Earth now, as the time of her transition draws close, as does the transition - the ascension or evacuation - of all who are at this time incarnate in 3rd dimension, who CHOOSE to be involved, who choose to prepare for it, who meditate daily and become open to the guidance we are all here to give you.

It will be in the form, mostly, of inner promptings - everything your heart tells you is TRUE for YOU.


This is Arctur. Do not be discouraged when you find many, many around you are not open to the idea of ascension, and you just cannot even approach them about it.

If they are, in fact, candidates for ascension their time will come and they will indicate, in some way or another, that they want to know more. In the meantime love all as best you can, and be aware.

We, who are acting as guides to our brothers and sisters living in 3rd dimensional reality at present, are able to do so because we, too, have had earthly incarnations, so we know how confusing these messages concerning planet Earth's coming changes are for you.

This is because every time you reincarnate you lose the conscious memories of your previous lifetimes but, having ourselves gone through the process of ascension from 3rd to 5th dimension, where we currently exist, we can assure you that, in taking this leap of faith, you have nothing to fear- N O T H I N G.


This is Ashtar. We extra-terrestrial beings are human in appearance, as you are. There ARE humans throughout the universe, and Earth is not the only inhabited planet. The Creator made man in His image, so it is only logical that there are images of Him scattered throughout His creation.

We realize this will be a severe shock to those who have imagined yourselves God's supreme creation, but you have nothing to fear in choosing ascension for, as you meditate, you come into closer and closer touch with us.

You have only to ASK us - any of the ascended masters - for help or protection and it is YOURS. Lord Sananda is the most-called-upon, of course, but we are all here to help Him.

Try a heart-felt "Please help me", but DO give us an idea of what we can help with, and see what happens!


This is Arctur. There are many beings on Earth today who are fearful, fearing so many different things like lack of acceptance by others, loneliness, poverty, and yet fear is not necessary.

This is an illusion that CAN be dispelled from your lives as soon as you choose to exchange it for thoughts of love, concern and caring for OTHERS and start putting these thoughts into action.

If you meditate on this
you will be shown the ways.

For all of you who are attuning yourselves to this news of the coming ascension, it will be good to spend as much time as you can spare in the practice of meditation.

It is, quite literally now, your life-line. Take note of all co-incidences, follow up on urges and hunches.

Meditation will lead you in the directions that are exactly right for you.


This is Sananda.

All sentient beings currently on Earth must know that the Creator loves them, having made them in His image, and NONE need despair.

Those who heed the ascension messages and DO choose to prepare will be ready for ascension in the second wave of ascension, before Earth's serious cataclysms occur, and many millions more will be safely evacuated in the third, final wave.

Not one living being will survive Earth's final cataclysms, BUT those who are currently enjoying their selfish, egoistic life-styles are the ones, especially, who need not despair, should they choose to THINK about this message and ACT UPON IT.

The important word here, again, is CHOOSE. Your loving Creator gave all mankind the gift of free will, so every one of you CAN choose to change, but you will not be forced to do so.



This is Ashtar. Sananda has again reminded you that your planet will undergo a final cleansing before she can be ascended to the 5th dimension, and that no living beings will survive those cataclysms. Frightening, huh? But take heart! More importantly, take into your heart the messages I have for you.

Our Loving Creator, despite the mistakes mankind has made on His beautiful planet Earth, causing the suffering she has had to undergo, still loves every one of you, as do we, the ascended masters currently in 5th dimension, and as do ALL in the heavenly realms.

We are all watching the unfolding drama. The drama that you are living NOW is more enthralling than anything you have ever seen in a theatre or cinema. YOU are the cast and we are the audience willing (but not forcing) you to take part in the grand finale!

The Creator has given us the task of arranging the evacuation from Earth, before her final cleansing, of every human being who chooses ascension. Many of us here, under Lord Sananda's leadership, have been long preparing safe havens (the many "mansions") for your reception. Within their boundaries you will rest until Earth herself is safely ascended. She will then be ready to receive back all those who choose to return to her in LOVE. Again, your choice will be paramount.

Meditate, mediate, meditate to receive your guidance.

We love you ALL.


This is Ashtar.

ALL want to know WHEN ascension will happen. We ascended masters do not know. Lord Sananda Himself does not know. Only our Creator will decide that.

Ascension occurs for each individual in God's time. All you can do is prepare yourselves, surrender to spirit and give service to others. Complete your Earth missions as best you can whilst you are here, knowing and trusting that ascension WILL occur at the correct moment for you, in the perfect way for you, each one of you who HEARS, and then ACTS in love.


Ashtar again. I have to tell you of the involvement of what is known as the Ashtar Command, so called because I am its co-ordinater, but working directly under the auspices of the Christ.

We are extra-terrestrial beings who have spent many thousands of years preparing, with the ascended brotherhood, for Planet Earth's ascension. The Command comprises an inter-galactic fleet, or alliance of etheric ships and human beings and angelic beings. We have many many ships which are surrounding Earth.

They cannot be seen by you, nor your radar, nor your space-probes for they are, mostly, in different rates of vibration.

When Earth herself has undergone her final cleansing processes and is ready for her ascension, we will be there to escort her safely back to the 5th dimension, where we will have SUCH a celebration, for she, too, will have come home!


This is Arctur. Let all take note of the massive disturbance of Earth's surface¹ that took place recently. It is further confirmation of the truth of our predictions of ascension for your planet, and for those living there NOW, and who make that choice. Your best preparation is to learn to meditate, so that you can each receive your OWN GUIDANCE in every aspect of living.

I speak now to those who find they do truly hear these messages. On planet Earth, at this time, are many of you who choose to be living there NOW. You are what we call "Light-workers", for this coming ascension of Earth will be moving her into the light, and you light-workers will find the very word ASCENSION has triggered your interest and awareness, like the click of an electric switch.

You are probably unaware of your cosmic origins but you are, in fact, beings from many different areas of the cosmos. What unites you is the fact that you ALL, because of your compassion and love for others, made the choice to accept successive Earth lives in order to be there at this crucial time. You are there to become beacons of hope and light to those around you,

Firstly you will have to absorb this message and, when your heart tells you it is right, ACT upon it.

You will find all your actions being based on love for your fellows. You will truly LOOK at every person you meet and start to see in him or her what God sees and loves. All fear will vanish.

Meditate as much as you can, and act with love. LIVING your life in love is more powerful than talking of it.

Many of you are certain that you are just "normal" humans, but anyone who gives themselves consciously to following spirit is a light-worker - anyone who loves the light and CHOOSES the light. Once that choice is made you are a light-worker, and you are on Earth at this critical stage, leading up to your planet's coming ascension, to help your fellows prepare for it - principally by example. Actions truly do speak louder than words. You meditate and you serve one another. Every action taken, which is more for the benefit of another than yourself, is SERVICE. Do not think that those so-called "caring" professions have a monopoly on service. Endless opportunities are there for you all, just watch for them.


¹N.E. India Feb. 2001.

This is Sananda.

All those of you to whom these messages SPEAK will know, in your hearts, that they ARE for you. It may take time for you to absorb and accept them, but once you do, they will lead you to your own individual pathway through life.

You will find opportunities for service of all sorts, for healing of yourselves and others - mentally, physically, emotionally - and to increasingly deep-seated joy, for you to share.


This is Arctur.

You have all felt that warm glow that follows a special effort on your part for another's benefit. That glow is yours increasingly, as you choose more and more frequently to follow the inner promptings and guidance you get when you meditate regularly.

Remember to ASK for our help in any situation for we all wish to help but, as we've said before, we have to wait to be asked.


This is Christopher. Walking the ascension path gives you joy - deep joy and satisfaction - something more lasting and fulfilling than anything you've ever encountered before, and you need to fear NOTHING.

The increasingly violent disruptions that are affecting planet Earth lately - floods, earthquakes, crop failure, cattle diseases are all part of the preparation for ascension.

As individuals you can best prepare yourselves by being ready to help any who cross your path and who ask for help, just as we, your guides, are here to help YOU, whenever you ask us.


This is Arctur.

Free will is given to all mankind so every single thinking human CAN choose love instead of fear to be the ruling principle of his or her life because THEY CANNOT CO-EXIST.

Those of you who are accepting our messages and are, in your hearts, already walking the ascension path, have felt that deep happiness it gives you.

That happiness and sense of security it gives you can only increase as YOU increase your practical commitment to caring for and serving others - to loving them as Sananda taught and demonstrated during His earthly incarnation as Jesus the Christ.

Meditate, and you will be shown again.


This is Arctur.

We have spoken of the importance of your ASKING for our help, because we cannot give it unless you DO ask individually, and we said that you can do that in the form of a conscious prayer, or better still, in a meditative state, for that gives us an even clearer connection.

We are aware that many now connected to formal church communities and congregations are suspicious of the very word meditation, seemingly forgetting that it has been practiced for centuries by generations of monks and nuns who KNEW it brought them closer to God - to the Creator, and they called it simply contemplation.

The exact form of meditation you choose is not important, but you must learn to be able to practice it for yourself and by yourself. There is no time left for dependency.

The powers-that-be in many churches object to our messages, for the individual choice we are emphasizing will mean a lessening of their CONTROL of their congregations, but they can change to being the good shepherds of their flocks and, of course, minister to ONE ANOTHER.

They do, after all, have a head-start in service to others and, in time, will be able to turn that into a positive tidal-wave of LOVE.

Many of you are already surfing on that wave, and we salute you. Should you have a "wipe-out" just climb aboard again. No regrets. No fear. With love in your hearts you will succeed.

Meditate, meditate, meditate. The happiness this brings you is matchless. You will soon find yourselves so warmed, so supported, so cherished, so loved.

Do not fear that you are giving up any control of your own life, for you can be led and guided but you ALWAYS make your own choices, for free-will is paramount for mankind.

We love you.


This is Christopher.

It is easy to become disheartened by the turmoil all around you, but hold fast to the good news of the coming ascension of your planet Earth, and of ALL the people who wish to come with her.

You have to continue with your lives, in the meantime, but you can include more and more time for meditation, to open yourselves to more and more of our love, always remembering to ASK for our love, help and guidance.

You will each receive your own.

We love you ALL


This is Arctur.

There are many frustrated couples on Earth and they depict the need for more self-love - on BOTH SIDES! When both of you allow yourselves, and encourage each other to do whatever makes your heart SING - and in regular doses I would prescribe - you will both find that you open up to receive, more fully and more consciously, the love that we are currently showering upon Earth and upon ALL mankind.

This leads you, in turn, to love others in exactly the ways that are best for them.


This is Sananda.

In the deeply unsettled conditions that mankind finds itself in it is more important than ever for all beings with love in their hearts to meditate for our guidance, to help and serve those around you.

This will be best done unobtrusively and quietly for your actions will speak more effectively than words. Remember the tower of Babel!

Those trained to speak CAN speak.


This is Arctur. The ascension news is filtering through to more and more of humankind. We know that many will reject it outright but, to those whose interest is stirred we say - anything that FEELS right to you, in your innermost self, is FOR you. Let it glow warmly inside you and, in time, it will shine out to others.

The key to progress on your spiritual journey is MEDITATION. It comes to connect you to your own higher self and with all of us who are eagerly awaiting your requests for help, and help in any form, no matter how trivial it may seem to you, is YOURS, but you must ASK!


This is Ashtar. It is time to remind mankind again of the changes coming to your planet Earth.

She cannot exist much longer as she is, for she has been to severely damaged by the effects of men's greed, minerals, money and public acclaim of their fellows.

This has taken the form of mineral mining, both above and below ground, of the stripping of all Earth's natural resources and of the testing of nuclear energy, which has NO harmless applications, again above and below ground and even under the ocean waters.

Mankind, instead of progressing spiritually, as you were born to do, has been regressing, and the space-probes represent the toddler who, having messed up his play-pen, is now busily throwing his toys out of it!

However, there is good news. Your loving Creator plans to lift your planet, after healing and cleansing her, to 5th dimension, and ALL of mankind who truly HEAR these messages now flooding Earth can choose to prepare themselves to be lifted too, by living with love and care for one another, and by meditating regularly, so that each of you receives your own guidance.

ASK and you shall receive.


This is Arctur. PRACTICE ASKING. Don't let false pride stand in your way. A certain amount of pride has it's place in life, but do not let it deprive you of all the help and guidance we are longing to give you all on this most exciting journey you could ever imagine!

Never forget that your loving Creator gave you free will, which means that NO other person, nor outside agency, can force you to believe anything. The choice is ALWAYS YOURS.

If you learn to meditate regularly and deeply you will be in closer and closer touch with us, and we will be able to give you so much more help.

Your life will be filled with seeming coincidences, with strong convictions that you MUST go somewhere, contact someone or do something - and always with positive results. THAT is guidance.

Again I repeat Sananda's message:
ASK and you shall RECEIVE.


This is Ashtar.

I have told you before I have been involved in preparing the "many mansions" of which Lord Sananda spoke during His earthly incarnation as the Christ.

Our merkabah, as we call them (you may think of them as "space-ships") are already providing havens to those of mankind who have already ascended. They are many and varied in size, containing all kinds of habitat. They can be entered by only one door and the key to that door is LOVE.


This is Ashtar.

There are with us light-workers who have already ascended, and are preparing to return to Earth as ascended masters in order to help their fellow-humans, in ways much more VISIBLE and effective than before, to prepare for the coming ascension.

They will be recognisable as TRUE avatars and guides by their loving words and actions, and their ability to perform miracles. Importantly, you will distinguish them clearly from the many false prophets and misguided ones now among you that, as ascended masters, they will not try to drain you of the energy you call MONEY! They can manifest for themselves all they need. Nor will they be involved in any forms of conflict, as they can simply vanish, when necessary, by moving interdimensionally.

They will bring you only LOVE.


This is Sananda.

Humans who have lived as couples came together for a reason. They had things to teach one another. They may not have been consciously aware of those lessons, but they pass between them.

When the one partner comes home to us the survivor can take comfort in all that was loving between them, and gently forgive BOTH of you for all that felt less than perfect.

You can live on in love.


This is Ashtar.

We have told you before that there are other populated areas in the galaxies and that, sorry to disappoint you, your species of mankind is NOT unique. There are however other forms of beings less lovingly disposed to mankind than we are so, should you witness a visit from a space-craft, I would recommend restraint in your contact with beings who emerge from it.

Your Creator made you in His own image and there are, obviously, others like you in other galaxies to whom you will instinctively be drawn, and safely so. However, BE WARY of those space visitors who are NOT SIMILAR to you in appearance.

They are trying to develop further and may just USE you, as you use mice, rats, guinea-pigs or monkeys in their quest. Their visits to Earth are their "space-probes".


September 11, 2001

This is Arctur.

We are aware of the widespread distress across many parts of Earth today, because of the images so many of you have seen, and the huge loss of life, we want to remind you that all those souls are now in higher dimension and will be reviewing their life-times - being "de-briefed", you might say.

They are being cared for and loved, and all of them will have to make choices for their progress in their spiritual growth. Some may well chose to return, to bring their love back to Earth in a new incarnation, secure in the knowledge that when ascension occurs, and it may be soon, as children they will be part of it.

You know we cannot put any time on events for you. We can only say that it will be in God's time, but that it is getting closer.


This is Sananda.

Those of you who have read thus far are now aware that your planet, Earth, is to be ascended from her current 3rd dimensional state up into 5th dimensional reality, and that all sentient beings will be able to choose whether or not to ascend too.

Those who do choose to ascend are promised that the children still in their care will automatically ascend too, as will all those we regard as innocents - those mentally unable to make their own choices. Adults must exercise their own free-will, and those who do choose to prepare to ascend can already take some simple steps that will provide them with deep reassurance.

We would urge each one of you to practice meditation every day, for during this practice you become connected to your own higher self, which is that part of you most closely connected with the Creator. You are also connected with those of us here, in 5th dimensional form, who are waiting for you to call on us to help you in any way at all.

Practice "feeling" for answers as you meditate and you WILL be guided. Allow no one to discourage you from meditation, for it is a time-honoured practice. For hundreds of years it has been called "contemplation" by generations of monks and nuns, who have always known it brought them closer to their Creator.

Another simple step along the ascension path is to ACCEPT your guidance and FOLLOW it. Once you do this you will find all manner of paths opening up to you through, perhaps, just a strong feeling that you must go somewhere, or do something. Your intuition will become more acute, so obey and embrace it and it will serve you well.

Walk the ascension path and meditation will help and encourage you all along the way.


This is Ashtar.

Some of you are wondering what is to become of the beautiful animal life of Earth when she is ascended. We are attending to the safe removal of animal life BEFORE Earth undergoes her final, cleansing cataclysms, for they are also "innocents". Indeed, many species are already removing themselves in the process you call "extinction", but it is just their transformation, and we have areas prepared for them, just as we have for mankind.

We know that not all beings in 3rd dimension will be ready to reach the 5th dimensional Earth. As we have already told you, they will have new homes in other 3rd dimensional situations, in other galaxies, where they will be able to make progress, undisturbed by the activities and influence of the fallen hierarchy, as has been happening on your beautiful planet.

Animals too will have their havens, and there the lion will lie down with the lamb, for there is nothing but LOVE in these higher realms.


This is Sananda.

You know you have nothing and no one to fear, wrapped as you are in our love and care - the same sort of love and care that you, in your turn, can give to those around you.

Love need not go in straight lines, from one source to another and back again. It travels better in circles, with those circles intersecting one another, so net-working and weaving cradles of love which will support all those of you who wish to prepare for the coming ascension of our beloved planet Earth, and EVERY one of you who chooses to prepare.

We love you ALL.


This is Christopher. Such exciting times lie ahead. We are aware, because we, your guides, have all been through earthly incarnations, we know how hard it is for many of you to give any credence to our messages when you are so involved in your material work, in making enough money to raise your families but, if you give yourselves time to be still, to listen to your hearts and to meditate, you are going to become increasingly conscious for yourselves of this wave of excitement that is steadily building up world- wide.



This is Arctur.

When you learn to meditate you may feel you are "tapping in" to a cosmic network or website - "" perhaps you might call it? To do this you need no hardware nor software; only REGULAR meditation and a heart-felt wish to help others - a route open to EVERY sentient being on Earth who chooses it.

Remember that in meditation you RECEIVE. You receive answers to your questions, you receive peace of mind and you receive our love for you, so improving your health, physically, mentally and emotionally. The more time you spend in meditation the more you will realise what a gigantic VOID there was in your life without it.

Always remember that your thoughts are creative. Thoughts you dwell upon create the reality in which you dwell.


This is Ashtar.

The upheavals and strange weather patterns that are affecting Earth more and more lately are part of the planet's preparation for her ascension to the 5th dimension, and you can expect them to increase.

These events will cause suffering among those who live in the areas affected and that, in turn, will provide opportunities for service to many, many others who are NOT adversely affected.

The choice will be yours to grasp those opportunities, or not.

Remember we love you A L L.


This is Sananda.

Some of you still wonder if this IS for you. I tell you that ALL those currently living on planet Earth, who truly HEAR the ascension message when it comes their way, ARE candidates for ascension IF THEY ACT ON IT.

Again we remind you that ALL children still in care of their parents or elders, and all innocents will be safely evacuated before Earth's final cataclysms of cleansing, prior to her own ascension.

How could it be otherwise?

We love you ALL.


This is Christopher.

I come to remind you that Earth's ascension is not to be feared. Remember that, to a caterpillar the end of its world is a BUTTERFLY!

Your transformation will be just as BEAUTIFUL.

We love you ALL


This is Sananda.

Mankind now has world-wide communications, so ALL can know of others' differing forms of honouring the ONE CREATOR of you ALL.

You can respect these forms and honour one another, for there is only ONE basis of every form and it is LOVE.

I remind you once more - when you pray you ASK, but you meditate to RECEIVE, so, to live life to the full, DO BOTH. You will soon feel yourself enfolded in the love that we have for every single one of you.


This is Sananda.

We end this series of messages with the reminder that you CAN choose to travel the ascension path, and that path will be clearly sign-posted for each and every one of you.

You each have your OWN path to follow, for you are individuals, and your sign-posts will be unveiled as you meditate and so have closer contact with us.

We LONG to help you.
Ask and you SHALL receive.



This news is, as has been repeated time and again throughout these messages, for ALL MANKIND, and, as a Christian myself, I hope from the bottom of my heart that ALL will find it inspiring and encouraging.

When I gave their copies to my adult children I wrote inside "If this does not speak to you now, do stow it away , not throw it away, for one day you may want to look at it again, and that will probably be the perfect time for YOU". I think this would be true for all of us.

I can close this in only one way, hoping that you ARE going on your own journeys.

I give you the African greeting of "Hamba kahle".
It says "Go well".


POSTSCRIPT                         11 October 2002

Greeting dear guides. Thank you for all the messages you've been giving me to share, mostly with individuals, during this past year. Have you, perhaps, a message for me today, as another birthday gift?

This is Sananda.

Your sharing of our messages goes well and it will expand.

When John received and wrote of his visions in that hillside cave you visited on the isle of Patmos there was still time for mankind to interpret them, but now the messages we are sending to you and to others are more direct, and they are revelations too.


(One friend who saw this thought I might have made a mistake in writing those last two words. Perhaps a capital R and the figure II could have been used?)


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