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Aluminum Reflow Tray

Aluminum Reflow Tray

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This reflow tray is designed to maximize the performance of your Controleo3 reflow oven. Made from aluminum, it’s lightweight and has a high thermal conductivity. This ensures fast and even heating of your PCBs, leading to better soldering results.

A fully removable design lets you prepare a tray of PCBs while a batch is in the oven. We’ve found this to save valuable time during small-scale manufacturing.

The ¼” metal flange makes removing the tray easy and prevents warping at high temperatures. The length is just ⅛” shy of 10 ¾” to allow room for thermal expansion.

A single tray is included with our build kits and ready-to-run ovens.

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8” x 10 ⅝” x 1/32” w/ ¼” flange

5052-H32 aluminum

Excellent corrosion resistance