Supercharge your reflow process with Controleo3

Convert a toaster oven into a programmable solder reflow system, only with Whizoo.

What is Controleo3?

Controleo3 is an intelligent reflow oven controller built upon nearly ten years of feedback from industry experts and hobbyists. It’s been used to control hot plates, toaster ovens, and even conveyor belts worldwide.

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Why Controleo3?

Controleo3 adapts to your oven and application. It learns the characteristics of your oven to fine-tune its PID control loop. Its flexible profile language helps you instruct your oven to do anything from reflow to IC moisture removal.

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Easy With Controleo3

Damaged parts, troubleshooting, and long lead times are a headache. Unfortunately, many commercial ovens don’t conform to standards needed for reliable reflow. That’s why we compiled our build guide using feedback from thousands of engineers.

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Controleo3 Advantages

Ready to Run

No programming needed. Just configure the fans and elements your oven has and the software will do the rest.

Hot Spot Elimination

Intelligent software manages element on-time, reducing hot and cold spots in the oven. You choose when heat comes from the bottom or top of the oven.

Better Current Management

Elements are turned on and off independently eliminating the current spikes common in single-relay controllers.

Reflow Feedback

Connect Controleo3 to a computer to track reflow progress and get data to plot a temperature graph. SD cad logging and on-screen graphing are also supported.

Open-Source Software

Controleo3 is compatible with the Arduino programming environment, and runs Arduino Zero sketches. The "Reflow Wizard" software for Controleo3 is available on GitHub.

Customizable Profile Language

Controleo3 can read your step by step instructions from a file during reflow. Controleo3 supports up to 28 user-defined profiles.

Continuous Improvement

Controleo3's firmware can be upgraded by you, whenever there is a new software release.


The baking mode supports a full range of temperatures, and a duration of up to 168 hours.

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