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Ready-to-Run Reflow Oven

Ready-to-Run Reflow Oven

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Looking for a great reflow oven, but don’t have the time to build one to your liking? Our Controleo3 ready-to-run ovens are made to get you quality results as soon as possible. They’re built according to our reflow oven build guide and are ready for reflow on arrival.

They ship with pre-loaded Sn63/Pb37 leaded and SAC305 lead-free profiles. If you have a special profile in mind, then Controleo3’s one-of-a-kind profile language can help you tell your oven exactly what you want.

We’re confident you’ll love your reflow oven. But just in case, all of our products are protected by a one year warranty.

Notice: The maximum supported board size is 8" x 10.5". The ovens require a standard 120V 15A circuit. Shipping is only available to the USA and Canada.

Refurbished Ovens: These are ovens with minor cosmetic damage that have had a complete inspection and passed the learning cycle. They are functionally equivalent to "new" ovens and are backed by the same one-year warranty.

The differences are entirely cosmetic. The five plastic screw holes for re-attaching the servo assembly have already been threaded for testing purposes.

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Simple Profiles for Any Heating Curve

It’s an oven, after all. It should be able to follow any heating curve, and it should be easy to tell it what you want. Controleo3’s profile language helps you command your oven with step-by-step instructions.

Controleo3’s profile language features commands to hit temperature targets, control fans, open the door, play a tune, and more. Check out the docs to see how you can modify Controleo3 to your needs.

Bake for a Week

We might’ve gone overboard, but it’s for the best. Controleo3’s bake mode supports high-temperature baking for up to 168 hours. Your reflow oven can remove moisture from sensitive parts, dry 3D printer filament, cure resins, and more.

Open-Source Software

You should be able to decide how your hard-earned reflow oven works. With Controleo3’s open-source software, you can tinker to your heart’s content. We’ve made it available for you on GitHub under the permissive MIT license.

Room for Expansion

Small-scale jobs have ever-changing requirements and your oven is designed to meet them. Controleo3’s accessible microcontroller pin and SPI bus let you network with an ESP32, install shiny new hardware, and do literally anything else you can dream up. Check out the back of the Controleo3 PCB to find the solder pads (they’re labeled).

One-Year Warranty

We know you’ll love your Controleo. But for peace of mind, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our products.


Reflow Area: 8.0” x 10.5” (200mm x 260mm)

Operating Voltage: 120V

Power Requirements: 1500-1650W (15A circuit required)

  • Top heater measures ~600W
  • Bottom heater measures ~550W
  • Boost heater measures ~400W

Plug Type: Three prong (Type B)

Oven Model: TO1760SS

Oven Dimensions: 10.0” x 15.5” x 8.4” (excluding controller)

Oven Weight: ~11lbs

Package Dimensions: 18” x 12” x 10”

Package Weight: ~12lbs



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