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Controleo3 Replacement LCD Screen

Controleo3 Replacement LCD Screen

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Having problems with your Controleo3’s touchscreen? This resistive touchscreen is a perfect match. Get up and running again in no time by swapping out the screen yourself.

See the details section for more information on the repair process.

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Repair Process

1. Cut the flex cable with scissors. Cut close to the screen to make removal easier.

2. Carefully desolder and remove the remaining flex cable, taking care not to damage pads. This is best done with a hot air gun.

3. Clean the pads of all solder and flux. We use a soldering iron to remove the solder and isopropyl alcohol to clean the flux.

4. Tin the pads with solder. The tinning should form a visible bump across the entire length of the pad.

5. Align the new screen with the pads and secure it in place using the flex cable’s glue strip. There are holes in the corners of the cable and the board to help you align it properly.

6. Apply the soldering iron to the first and last pads, holding down the flex cable with tweezers, a toothpick, or a small screwdriver. Don't add solder!

7. Solder the remaining pads using the same method.

8. Test the screen.


Screen Size: 3.95” (10cm)

Resolution: 320 x 480px

Touchscreen: Resistive

Dimensions: 2-3/8” x 3-5/8” (6cm x 9.5cm)

Weight: 1.4oz


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