Introducing Controleo3

Controleo3 is our most innovative and versatile reflow oven controller yet. The addition of an adaptable learning mode, interactive 4” touchscreen LCD, and flexible profile language have made Controleo3 a popular choice among top universities, corporations, small businesses, and hobbyists alike.

Optimize To Your Unique Oven

Controleo3 is Intelligent

Controleo3 introduced a revolutionary “learning mode” which enables your reflow oven controller to adapt to your oven. It classifies your oven based on three scores: power, inertia, and insulation. It uses these scores to optimize its PID algorithm for your unique oven. The scores are also made visible to you so you understand where your oven needs improvement.

Instruct Your Oven

Custom Heating Profiles

Controleo3 is among the most versatile oven controllers on the market today. Its unique and flexible profile language helps you take charge of your oven’s behavior. 

Profiles let you set temperature targets, open the door, print to the screen, and even play musical notes. Write profiles to match solder paste, remove moisture from ICs, dry 3D printer filament, and much more.

Quickly Remove Moisture

Baking Mode

Controleo3’s bake mode helps you remove moisture from sensitive parts, dry 3D printer filament, cure resins, and more. Controleo3 can bake at constant temperatures between 40C and 200C for up to 168 hours. Baking beyond these temperatures is possible, but will depend on your oven.

Over a Decade of Experience

Built On Customer Feedback

We’ve been continually improving our products for over a decade thanks to feedback from thousands of engineers using Controleo products today. Our kits and build guide work to reduce the challenges of designing and debugging. We’ve learned a lot over the years, and we want to use that knowledge to help you build the perfect reflow oven.

Modify Controleo3 to Your Needs

Expanding Controleo3

Looking for something unusual? Controleo3 provides opportunities for expansion. The Controleo3 software is available on GitHub under the very permissive MIT license. Output 6 is a microcontroller pin that can be used as an input or output. The SPI bus used by components like the MAX31856 can be tied into via solder pads.


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